i dont think ive seen anything on tavros /gasp/ what does tavros do?

we definitely talked about tavros in the original logs, you should check them out!

(he plays the triangle in the pit)

So, how'd Scratch get from band director at Noir's old school to Principal of Felt High? Was he simply so terrible that the promotion was necessary?

He’s the band director and the principal. He’s simply that good.

Does anyone play the bassoon? :D I know it's not really a marching instrument (you would probably die if you tripped), but I kinda see it being something Karkat tries to play and fails at. Or something.

Karkat plays the bassoon in concert band!

Is there a reason that the fourth big log, the one with THE END, isn't in the masterpost?

OH WOW THE REASON IS BECAUSE I’M AN IDIOT…. i will go fix it later!!!!!! 

Did you know that, in the RSS feed, the fantroll's lines are all just "<3<" and nothing else? It makes the conversation with Eridan even better

Haha, yeah a few people told us about that. That’s amazing.

What does Nep play?


Who's in the mascot suit?
Does AHS have a mascot? >:?

They’re the pirates. The AHS Pirates.

The entire reason they are named AHS is because we wanted to make an “Ass Pirates” joke

Hey everyone!

Sorry I’ve been so behind on reblogging fanart to this blog. I’ve just started back at school and everything has been PRETTY HECTIC! I will try to catch up soon! 

Wait, I just realized...what does Jade play?

She plays piccolo/flute! Also she plays bass guitar in jazz band. 

(She was a pretty easy one to choose instruments for haha)